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Meridian Ocean Services

Meridian Ocean Services is a fast-growing, international marine services business with primary focus on ROV-based subsea survey and inspection. Meridian leverages the latest in ROV, AUV and advanced imaging technology and works with clients across a variety of industries to optimize undersea survey and inspection efforts.

Meridian operates a fleet that ranges from Inspection to Work Class ROV systems capable of a variety of subsea tasks. Meridian’s smaller inspection class vehicles require minimal footprint onboard a vessel platform and can be quickly and easily deployed. Meridian also operates larger systems capable of deepwater construction and drilling support.

Meridian has developed innovative approaches that employ ROVs, AUVs, divers and other tools to address industry-specific survey and inspection requirements. Our fleet of vehicles is available for rapid deployment around the world.



Meridian’s Principals combine diverse and extensive experience across the maritime, finance and legal industries to guide the Company’s strategy and day-to-day operations.

Patrick Donovan

Donovan oversees Meridian’s technical operations and development. He has more than fifteen years of experience managing large-scale offshore vessel operations and has significant experience with the technical maintenance and inspection that this complex equipment requires. Donovan served as a Lieutenant in the Merchant Marine Ready Reserve Group for ten years, receiving his honorable discharge in 2012. He holds the license of Master of Unlimited Tonnage upon Oceans, and maintains a STCW 95 certificate and a first class federal pilotage license. Donovan has worked commercially in the oil industry for Chevron Shipping and Seabulk Tankers as a project mananger for large vessel acquisitions and specialized marine projects and sailed as Master onboard the Research Vessel Thomas G. Thompson, a global class oceanographic vessel. Onboard the RVs Thompson and Endeavor, he was a key member in planning and execution of many expeditions, including extensive water sampling and mooring recoveries/deployments. Donovan holds a BS in Marine Transportation from the Massachusetts Maritime Academy.

Blake Nolan

Nolan is responsible for Meridian’s financial operations and general management. Prior to joining Meridian, Nolan was a Vice President in the investment banking division of Goldman Sachs & Co. He has extensive experience working with senior management teams and has structured complex financings for a variety of corporate and private equity clients at both Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank Securities, where he worked previously. Over the first several years of his career, Nolan worked in early stage technology companies, focusing on strategy and raising venture capital financing. Nolan earned his MBA from the Stern School of Business at New York University and received a BA in Economics from Wake Forest University.

Nathaniel Spencer

Spencer oversees business development and serves as Meridian’s general counsel. He is a licensed attorney in the States of New York and New Jersey and spent three years practicing at a large corporate law firm in the New York area focused on business management and governmental relations for Fortune 100 companies. Prior to working as an attorney, Spencer was a professional sailor, managing an international multimillion-dollar sailboat racing program. Formerly, he managed the shoreside operations and vessel schedule of a large offshore commercial seafood company. Spencer has extensive legal, governmental relations and business development experience and has expertise in maritime-specific legal and regulatory matters. He earned a BS from the University of Vermont and received a JD from the Roger Williams University School of Law.