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Meridian works with clients across a variety of industries to optimize undersea survey and inspection efforts.



Engineering & Infrastructure Applications

Bridge, Dam, Waterway & Levee

Meridian’s ROVs are capable of surveying the structural conditions of underwater metal, concrete, wood and other infrastructure using nondestructive testing. Low-light and high resolution video, ultrasonic thickness detection (UT), cathodic protection (CP) and other acoustic sensing and ultraviolet lighting techniques are just some of the ways ROVs can inspect structures for signs of degradation or loss of functionality. In addition to ROVs being able to operate in areas divers cannot due to size and visibility constraints, ROVs can also perform inspection surveys while dams and other waterways remain fully operational.

Marine Security

ROVs are the ideal method for inspecting bridges, piers, vessels and any other form of infrastructure that lies beneath the water line for security threats prior to high exposure events. They can also be deployed to inspect harbors and other large bodies of water for environmental hazards that could pose risk to shipping or travel lanes and perform search and rescue operations.

Dredge Survey & Positioning

ROVs equipped with multibeam echosounders can portray highly accurate pictures of the seafloor to help with planning and monitoring of dredging projects. Potential hazards that may be in the way of the dredging can be identified and material infill can be tracked. The same technology is particularly helpful in surveying an area after dredge work has been completed.

Undersea Cable

Performing route selection, route surveys and cable upkeep and recovery are vital tasks in maintaining the vast networks of cable installed on the ocean floor. ROVs can assist in the installation and monitoring of undersea cables utilizing multi-level video inspection and provide valuable information on the quality of the cable before positioning it and the characteristics of the area where the cable will be installed.


ROVs can be used to locate vessels and identify potential hazards and then assist or replace divers in the salvage operation of ships, cargo and other property. Detailed information of the layout and structure of the item and the type and location of cargo are crucial for salvage operations. ROVs can provide this information via high definition video and side scan sonar. The use of ROVs can also help to protect divers from the harm of shifting cargo, unexpected explosions, fouling and entrapment and hazardous chemicals that may have spilled.


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