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HSE Overview

Health, Safety, and Environment Policy
Meridian Ocean Services operates all aspects of its businesses in a manner that protects the safety and health of its employees, contractors, customers and the general public. We foster a safety-driven culture in which everyone believes and demonstrates that accidents, injuries and illnesses are preventable and all employees understand their responsibility for maintaining a safe and healthful workplace. Each Meridian employee recognizes and accepts his or her right and obligation to question, stop and correct any unsafe conditions or behaviors.


Safety is a critical component of Meridian’s planning and execution methodology. Meridian strives to:

  • Create a safety-driven culture to achieve an accident, injury and illness-free workplace
  • Comply with all applicable health and safety laws and regulations, industry and internal company standards, at a minimum
  • Integrate safety risk analysis into our business planning, engineering design, and operating decisions, and to develop and implement effective hazard control measures and safety performance improvement protocols
  • Promote the value of employee involvement in the prevention of injuries and illnesses, and maintain an open and honest dialogue with our employees on health and safety issues and performance
  • Continue to improve safety performance, reduce risk to personnel and the environment and become a safe and effective subsea service provider


Meridian recognizes the importance of safeguarding the environment whenever and wherever we conduct business. Successful policy and programs in this area provide mutual benefit to both Meridian and the environment. Consideration of Meridian's impact on the environment while operating has, and always will be, of prime importance to us.

The Meridian Environmental Policy (POL-ENV-001) is:

  • To comply with environmental laws and regulations;
  • To conduct operations in a manner that demonstrates respect for the environment;
  • To provide effective environmental management at all levels of the company;
  • To maintain effective environmental procedures and programs consistent with available technology, which promote enhancement and protection of our environment;
  • To provide environmental training programs for Meridian employees emphasizing individual responsibility for sound environmental management;
  • To actively participate with the government and the public in creating responsible laws, regulations and standards to safeguard the environment;
  • To commit to reduce overall emissions and waste generation and to promote recycling and reuse of resources;
  • To make environmental considerations a priority in planning and growth;
  • To operate Meridian facilities and to handle materials and products in a manner that protects the environment, our employees, clients and the public;
  • To recognize and respond to community concerns about Meridian's operations and the effect on the environment through appropriate public awareness and educational programs;
  • To extend and advance knowledge by participating in and conducting research on environmental issues