Ship Husbandry


Meridian works with clients across a variety of industries to optimize undersea survey and inspection efforts.



Ship Husbandry Applications

Hull & Ballast Tank

ROVs can be deployed to perform hull inspections of FPSO’s and other working vessels while they remain in the water and operational. This both reduces downtime and support needed from other vessels. Small ROVs can enter flooded ballast tasks to perform close up visual inspection and wall thickness measurements.

Ultrasonic Thickness & Cathodic Protection Gauging

ROVs can be outfitted with equipment to perform both ultrasonic thickness measurements and cathodic protection gauging. Ultrasonic thickness gauges allow the measurement of metal thickness and corrosion without having to remove protective coatings. This is useful in inspecting internal potable water tanks, vessel hulls, ballast tanks and submerged infrastructure. Cathodic Protection (CP) gauging is used to determine the level of anode corrosion and expected life.

In-Water Survey

One of the greatest advantages of using ROVs to perform survey or inspection work is that all tasks can be completed while the object of interest remains in water. Whether the ROV is being used to perform a regular inspection or looking for suspected damage, the ability to perform an in water survey or inspection is a less expensive and much more practical alternative to dry docking.


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