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Meridian works with clients across a variety of industries to optimize undersea survey and inspection efforts.



Port & Marine Terminal Applications

Port & Infrastructure Security

Small ROVs can be transported and deployed by a single person, enabling security sweeps of ship hulls, piers and bridges to be performed quickly and accurately. They can also be used alongside or independent of dive teams to locate and remove drugs and other contraband from ship hulls and other underwater infrastructure. ROVs can be deployed in situations too dangerous for divers such as underwater diver detection and classification and underwater explosive identification and controlled blasts.

Bulkhead & Scour Monitoring

Small ROVs are ideal for performing visual inspections for leaks, cracks, weak spots, erosion, etc. on bulkheads (both in ships and on sea walls). ROVs can also be deployed for scour monitoring around platform jackets and pilings. Information on scour is used to help predict possible seafloor developments.

Channel & Harbor Debris Clearance

Using observation and work class ROVs, operators can identify and remove potentially harmful debris from busy shipping channels and harbors before they create accidents.


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